The One Thing Every Fashionisto Needs This Summer

Once summer comes, the possibilities are truly endless. For instance, I can sleep in (which for me usually means 8:30am); I can binge-watch all the television I missed during the school year; I can eat not one but TWO boxes of pasta for dinner because it’s SUMMER, baby! Let’s get wild. For most of us, summer is truly the time of year where we can live it up and finally do everything we’ve been wanting or meaning to do for the past couple months. It also means more invites to social gatherings and more chances for you to look good. With that being said, if you’re going to be out on the town all summer then you need a party shirt; there’s no avoiding this.


What exactly is a “party shirt,” you ask? First, let’s look at the criteria the party shirt must meet:

Room to groove. You’re at a party so the last thing you need to feel is constricted. Get loose! Give yourself some room to dance. If you can perform all your go-to dance moves while managing to not rip the buttons off your shirt, you’re in the clear.

Breathability. With all the dancing going on you’re bound to get warm. To escape the sweat stains leave the flannel at home and opt for something lightweight.

One of a kind. You have to stand out from the crowd, so make sure when selecting your shirt for the night that it’s one of a kind. Think of it as a conversation starter! Someone telling you “Hey, nice shirt!” is always a pleasant way to get a conversation going.

After that the rest is up to you. Is your party shirt kitschy? Fun? Flamboyant? Sleek and sophisticated? Pictured are a few of my own “party shirts” which I like to wear whenever I go out. They’re comfortable, fun, cool and I feel great whenever I wear them. Dressing for a party-whether it be a smaller gathering or a large affair-gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone. So lighten up, have fun, and put on your party shirt.