The Five Luxuries of Being a Style Guru

Our Style Gurus may be in college, but that doesn’t mean they’re like any other students you know. Living four years with zero money or sleep takes certainly takes its toll on the average person, but our Style Gurus manage it while somehow maintaining more style and grace than most can hope to have in their lives.

Our #GuruGang is—without question—smart and successful, but it would be unfair not to also attribute some of their effortlessness to the luxuries that are bestowed upon them as Style Gurus. Because when your job consists of shopping and being Insta-ready at all times, it’s almost more difficult to live a life that’s not flawless.

1—It’s fine to turn any occasion into a full-blown photoshoot.
It’s basically homework, right? (Photo via @melanycecilia)
screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-3-53-42-pm2—You have an excuse to eat breakfast any hour of the day.
Because there’s never not a good time for #content. (Photo via @laurenhundt)

3—Feeling shame about selfies is a thing of the past.
They’re not only acceptable, but highly encouraged. (Photo via @kaycaden)

4—Online-shopping is all in a day’s work.
You can’t feel guilty about it if it’s part of your job. (Photo via @amandaskrabucha)

5—You always have a reason to dress to the nines.
The campus is your runway. (Photo via @alexadmendoza)

Claim the life of luxury you were born to live—join our #GuruGang today.