The Basis of Minimalism

I often find myself overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have. In an attempt to declutter my life after moving home from my first year of college, I donated and sold so much.

I knew I would eventually have to tackle my closet, even though I was dreading it.

When I set out to clean my closet, I was having such a difficult time because I have so many clothes. I ended up using a sorting system to make it easier.

I separated my clothes into five piles: love, maybe, no, occasional, and seasonal. My “love” pile had clothes in it that I would wear right now. The “maybe” pile had clothes that I liked, but didn’t fit right or were itchy. I sorted through them again a second time. My “no” pile were clothes that I didn’t wear enough, so I donated them. The “occasional” pile had clothes that were for special events like formal weddings. I hung them in the back of my closet. My “seasonal” pile included my winter coats, hats, and gloves. I stored that in vacuum-sealed bags under my bed.

As I finished organizing the piles, I realized that I had about 40 pieces for the summer. For me, this was a number that I felt comfortable with and decided to stick with it for all four seasons.

For each season, I would like to keep the number of pieces of clothing I have under 40, so every time I buy a new piece, I will donate one.

While I was sorting through clothes, it was important for me to remember the basics I could mix, match, and layer. I love these cardigans because I can have them in multiple colors. I would run out of outfits way too fast if I had more statement pieces than versatile pieces. Neutral colors can always be dressed up with fun accessories and makeup.

A black dress and a bold lip are my go-to’s because they are so flexible—they can go from day to night by simply removing the chambray shirt.

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