THE MUSTS—All the fun, celebrations and random holidays you need to partake in this April

Start having your umbrella handy at all times because April showers are probably en route as I type this. While there’s nothing I hate more than being stuck in the rain sans umbrella, at least April has some noteworthy national days to look forward to (many of which involve food).

April 1: April Fool’s Day: Whether or not you pull the pranks or get pranked, this is a day anyone can enjoy (or treat it like any other day if you’re not into the whole putting salt in the sugar jar idea). So if you have an obnoxious roommate, today is the day to take revenge and blame it on April Fool’s Day.

April Fool's

April 2: National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: This is basically a throwback to childhood day. Or adulthood if you’re still a PB&J lover.


April 9: Name Yourself Day: If you rue the day you were named “(insert name you don’t like),” then today is your day to shine and test out another option. Just don’t offend your parents.

Name Yourself Day

April 12: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day: Even just reading “National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day” makes me hungry and salivate. Instagram is going to be nuts with grilled cheese food porn, so contribute to the madness and make (or buy) your own.

Grilled Cheese

April 16: National Eggs Benedict Day: Shoutout to all the egg lovers! You’re also in luck because this day falls on a Saturday, so your brunching dreams can really come true when you find yourself ordering Eggs Benedict on its own national day.

Eggs Benedict

April 21: National High Five Day: I firmly believe that high fives are better than hugs. No one can deny the satisfaction that comes from a perfect high five. Just look at the elbow!

High Five

April 22: National Earth Day: I would hope that everyone treats every day like it’s Earth Day (just google “melting ice caps” if you need a reminder as to why), but make a conscience effort to show the Earth a bit more love than usual (i.e. recycle, use your own water bottle, pick up a piece of litter, walk more, turn the lights off, etc.)

Earth Day

April 23: National Talk Like Shakespeare Day: It’s only right to talk like Shakespeare on the day of his supposed birth and death, right? Today it is more socially acceptable to use “thou” and “ye” multiple times. Or you can straight up quote your favorite Shakespeare sonnets all day.


April 30: National Honesty Day: Honestly, this could be difficult. Time to push aside any passive aggressive behavior and be as blunt as you’d like. But in a nice way, of course.

honesty day