Here’s the 2017 Way to Wear Your Graphic T-shirt

Some trends come and go; others are so long-lasting that they are questionably some of the most stable relationships in your life. If you are anything like us, we’re pretty much ready to declare ourselves “in a relationship” with graphic T-shirts.

But with any long-term relationship, you want to make sure you are spicing things up. So to shake up your style, here are five ways the coolest girls we know are wearing graphic T-shirts now.

1—Call your dad, admit that he indeed was cool “back in the day,” then beg him to send you his old band Ts you spent your middle school years making fun of. (Photo via @jordanshiley)

2—Have too many photos in your favorite graphic T-shirt crawling your Instagram feed? Get some fringe from the craft store, heat up a glue gun, and simply embellish your trusty T into a new top that no one will recognize. (Photo via @gisele_milan)

3—Upgrade your old graphic T-shirt by adding some sequin sleeves (or simply layer it over an embellished top if you have zero crafting skills but a plethora of festive tops). (Photo via @oyindaodewale)

4—Take two closet staples (such as your graphic T-shirt and your tired leather jacket) and wear them together to reinvigorate your pieces and personal style. (Photo via @vanessaalernoxx)

5—When in doubt, don’t wear pants. (User discretion advised. of course.) (Photo via @withlovethelms)

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