Hey there fellas. It is time yet again for you to get some pointers on how to engage in stylish banter with your super fashionable girlfriend/lab partner/Tinder date in our series, “Talk Fashion To Me.” Get ready to “swipe right” into some thrilling conversation.

Sure, March Madness is all about basketball. You know who isn’t all about basketball? Your fashionable lady friend who doesn’t know the difference between Perry Ellis the designer and the forward from Kansas Jayhawks. (Truth time—I googled just to make sure.) So to ensure the only upset that is occurring is in your bracket and not in your relationship, here are some one liners to use to keep March Madness engaging for the Fashionista in your life.

1. The difference between the Karls: “Karl Towns is just like Karl Lagerfeld. Minus the ponytail and everything else.”


2. Helping her decide which blue to wear: “I would go more Tar Heel than Duke. It is finally spring, after all.”


3. What it means to be the first seed: “Kentucky hasn’t lost a game all season. So pretty much like Chanel, they are the untouchables.”


4. On suggesting what she should wear to watch the game: “I saw Jourdan Dunn wearing a jersey and thigh-highs in Tommy Hilfiger’s latest show. You totally have the legs for that.”


5. Explaining an upset: “You know how felt after seeing the Kayne West x Adidas Originals collection? That is how I felt when Villanova lost N.C. State.”