How to Take Your Snapchat Game to the Next Level Using Spectacles

Since Snapchat released Spectacles in late 2016, users have been taking their Snapchat game to the next level. When Snapchat first released the glasses they were only available at “Spectacles Bots” that were placed in cities around the country for limited periods of time. The bots are similar to vending machines, but instead of candy bars, they give out glasses that can record video! In order to get your hands on a pair you had to hope there was a bot in your area, however, you can now purchase Spectacles directly from their website.

The glasses record video in 10-second increments with a small camera over the lens. The lens on the camera is able to capture more of what’s around you, compared to taking a video on your phone. The hands-free aspect of the Spectacles is a part of what makes them so awesome as well.

The Spectacles retail for $130 and come in 3 colors; coral, black, and teal. Included in the order are a rechargeable case, a charging cord, a Snapchat Ghost-shaped cleaning cloth, and instruction guide.

To use the spectacles, you pair them to your phone using a special Snapcode, and once they’re paired you’re all set to record videos. To take a video you press the button on the arm of the glasses. A little white light on the inside of glasses will light up when they’re recording and blink when you have five seconds left. Next, you import the videos into your Snapchat account where you can add filters or text before adding them your story or sending to friends. One thing to keep in mind while using the Spectacles is that they can drain your phone battery quickly, so I recommend keeping a portable charger on hand!

Overall, I think Snapchat Spectacles are a really fun way to make your Snapchat story stand out. My favorite things to take video of with the Spectacles are concerts and trips to amusement parks.

Are you interested in trying out a pair of Snapchat Spectacles? Let me know in the comments below!