SWEET LOOKS: Chocolate + Caramel

In honor of National Dessert Day, we thought it best to honor a pair that goes together better than Sandy and Danny Zuko from Grease. So let us introduce you to a girl (and guy’s) true best friend: chocolate and caramel. So to honor this tried and true pair, we are here to show you how these Fashionistas rock the shades of the best flavors we know.


Light caramel: Best consumed in the form of a light caramel Frappuccino, a sticky sauce that accompanies a slice of cheesecake or a stylish, fall fedora. This shade has less calories, right?

Najarian 2

Photo by Lian Najarian

2. Indiana University

Crème Brûlée: Most commonly found on top of a sweet custardy dessert. However, it causes less cavities in the form of a leather jacket.

Kamen 2

Photo by Samantha Kamen

3. University of Connecticut

Salted Caramel: Might be spotted on classic caramel candies (i.e. Caramel Apple Pops) or stuck in your teeth, this shade also looks great as an accent on cute purses.

Ylenia 2

Photo by Ylenia Elvy-Panton

4. George Washington University

Milk chocolate: Forget baking this shade into your cookies, and save it for a trendy outerwear piece.

Stagnitta 2

Photo by Ali Stagnitta

5. Arcada University

Chocolate Truffle: Wouldn’t that be great if jackets had a creamy ganache center? Well, until it ruins your outfit. But until then, invest in a chocolate colored wool coat for the cold season.


Photo by Nata Lopponen

6. Northeastern University 

Dark Chocolate: Not only does dark chocolate keep you warm in the form of hot chocolate, fresh molten brownies, dark chocolate tart—okay, I need to stop—but if can also offer warmth through over-the-knee socks and lace-up boots to match.


Zimmerer 2

Photo by Kelsey Zimmerer