How to Survive Your Summer Classes

July 19th, 2017 at 2:10am
How to Survive Your Summer Classes

It is the beginning of July and the few short weeks of summer break gave you a taste of summer; we’ve all been there. But, it is that time again: summer classes. Whether you are trying to get ahead in college or dropped a couple of classes during the normal school year, summer classes basically just suck.

Here are my top three tips on staying motivated for your summer classes:

1—Stay organized. You might have gotten away with being disorganized during the spring semester, but don’t even try it for the summer semester. It’s just too short of a semester to take the risk. Make sure all of your classes have a designated folder or binder, your pencils are sharp, and that you are well prepared with the correct supplies for each class. Have a fresh planner to write down homework assignments, projects, or even your work schedule.

2—Stay on track. It happens. While you’re scrolling through Instagram, you see your friends on family vacations, going to summer concerts, or relaxing at a local beach. However, you need to remember why you are taking summer classes in the first place. While those things are fun, you are preparing yourself for the future, getting ahead, and keeping your brain sharp! Make sure all of your classes and homework are accounted for and that nothing gets left for the last minute.

3—Schedule your time to relax. If you follow tips one and two, you are sure to have a wonderful summer just like the rest of your friends! If you plan your work, you can also plan time to go to the beach, go to an amusement park, or even just treat yourself to a latte at a local coffee shop. Remember, while it is important to keep school first, you also deserve time for yourself! So, sit back and relax after all of your work is finished.

What are your plans to keep on top of summer classes? Leave a comment below letting us know!