5 Summer Activities You Never Knew You Could Afford

Have you ever checked your bank account and wondered where on Earth all your money went? (*Cough— food, lipstick, Netflix subscription, last month’s music festivals—cough*) While I, too, am guilty of often spending my money on frivolous purchases, I have recently had a shift in perspective. Instead of spending my hard earned cash on another fashion-fashion look, I have started to invest more in experiences.

Are we telling you to ignore your favorite Zara the next time you pass by? Absolutely not! If you’re a college student who wants to have fun and have enough money to buy another pair of your favorite jeans, this list is for you. See below for five memorable summer activities you never knew you could afford.

1—Paddle Boarding

If you have enough money for a mani-pedi, you could be paddle boarding down your nearest river! Think of this as standing up on a surf board, while using a canoe paddle to steer yourself around. What’s the best time to head out on the water, you ask?– Thirty minutes before that gorgeous “golden hour” time of day. Paddle boarding will cost you $40, but watching the sunset as you head back to shore?—Priceless. Check out this example to view approximate prices of your own paddle boarding adventure.Photo via @standupjournal


Grab one to three friends and for under $20 each, spend the entire day battling it out on a paintball field! In this particular package, your Groupon includes full-day admission, protective mask, unlimited air refills, an ammo pack, paintball marker, and 200 paintballs. The best part about this one is that it is a year-round activity!

3—A Gelato-Making Class

A few pints of Haagen-Dazs ice cream to accompany your Netflix binge could cost you well over $20 before you know it. For a few extra bucks, why not spend an afternoon with a friend learning how to make your very own gelato?! Fill it with flavoring, nuts, chocolate, fruit, or whatever else you may like. At the end of your session, you’ll each go home with 4 whole pints of your flavorful masterpiece! Your sweet tooth (and your Instagram feed) will totally thank you.Photo via @hellogabrielle

4—A Lobster Cruise

What do we think of when we think about summers in the city? Casual atmosphere, music, dinners with friends, a view of the New York City skyline wherever we can find it, warm nights on the Pier, seafood, and a $30 budget of course. What if I told you that all of those things could be a part of one great summer night? For just $10, join the North River Lobster Company for a seafood dinner cruise down the Hudson. Lobster for the price of an overpriced latte? Okay!

5—A Helicopter Ride

This one is the most expensive on the list, but think about how unique the experience would be! Save up a few weeks’ worth of tips from your summer waitress job, and you could spend your (rare) day off in a helicopter, flying over your city! Check out this example for an estimate of how much your local ride will cost you.Photo via @celinelinarte

Is it just me, or are you Fashionistas thinking about going on a serious Groupon shopping spree right now? What memorable experiences do you plan on spending your money on this summer? Let us know in the comments below!