Sunday Brunch With a Side of Pink

Since coming to New York City, I’ve learned a handful of things: there is truly never a dull moment, not a day goes by where I don’t hear at least seven ambulances, and Sunday brunch is a universal love language among all of New York City.

It’s the perfect activity to end the weekend and start the week. City folks love brunching with their friends and treating themselves to that decadent French toast they’ve been thinking about. Of course, this being New York City, brunch is never simply just brunch.

A lot of thought goes into the outfit selection each and every Sunday morning, and there is always going to be someone in your brunch group that wants to make a photoshoot the post-brunch activity of choice.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of brunching with some fellow NYC interns from Chapel Hill and this Fashionista’s outfit stood out to me as the perfect go-to look for any brunch occasion. It’s simple, trendy, casual, and it’s full of personality. Not to mention the incredible pink restaurant two doors down from our brunch location helped pull the entire look together.

Great job, Peitro Nolito, you sure know how to attract every fashion-forward, millennial Instagrammer in the city.

The button-front denim skirt is a classic choice and can be paired with almost any top. She kept it cool with a plain chiffon, off-white top and then spiced it up with a cool layered necklace that her mother made (added points for originality, of course).

One thing she said to me as we headed toward the subway was that she rushed out the door and didn’t have time to pick cuter socks. I completely disagreed with this statement and think the pure white socks peeking out of the shiny black oxfords add the perfect amount of cute and quirky to this look. Sure, she could’ve found ruffled pink ones to add a pop of color, but the blatant simplicity and boldness of the stark white socks make the look just different enough to stand out from your average denim skirt ensemble.

The final touch to this outfit was the structured yellow vintage purse. Yellow is having a major moment in fashion right now and she used that moment to make this bag shine just as bright as the sun. It completely stood out, as every other color in her look was a neutral tone that could be paired with anything. The purse immediately captures your attention and looked even more fantastic when paired with the adorable Tumblr pink hearts on the door.

So, for your next brunch outing, take notes from this Fashionista and let some personality shine through by making a classic look have the right amount of different elements. One thing that also helps is not limiting the fun Sunday activities to just consuming massive amounts of good food, but go find a pink wall to take some killer photos in front of too.

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