The Summer Lip Guide For Anyone Who Hates Lipgloss

Lipgloss isn’t for everyone or, frankly, anyone who lives in remotely windy weather. I have the kind of hair that seems to favor the wind over me, and getting even a single strand caught in lipgloss is just the worst.

If you don’t feel like pulling sticky strands of hair across your face this summer but still want to serve some looks, you’re in luck. Here are a few lipstick trends to try that are gloss-free and 100 percent on trend.

Vampy Lip: Who says dark lipstick is only for the cold months? Break out your favorite shade of plum or dark red and mix it up with this refreshing beauty look. The key to pulling off a vampy color in the warmer months is to make the rest of your face lighter and airy looking. Try to wear minimal heavy makeup, like skipping the eyeliner and going for fluttery lashes instead. I suggest wearing a pastel eyeshadow look in pinks and oranges, or even yellow, to brighten up your face. The fun springtime colors paired with the dark lip will totally make a statement.

Ombre Lip: This is a fun combination to try with any three shades of lipstick, from dark to medium, to light. Make sure to use lipstick that is the same or similar formula for ease in pulling off the trend. I went for a nude look, but mixing black and red, or pinks is fun too. The combinations are endless. Start by lining the outside of your lips in the darkest shade, making sure to cross an X on your cupids bow. Then choosing your medium shade, fill in under the liner. Smush your lips together and use a lip brush to blend. After the product has set for a bit, pick up the lightest shade and brush it on the center of your lips to perfectly pull off the ombre effect.

Bold Lip: Have you always wanted to wear a shade like blue or purple but never thought you could pull it off? I have some tricks on how to do so. I’ve found that the best way to wear a bolder color without it looking too standoffish is to choose an eyeshadow color in a  similar shade. Blend a few different shades of the color on the eye to create a monochromatic look. Add your lipstick and wear the color with pride. Ever wanted to wear a shade like black but didn’t want to look “goth”? Try wearing a silvery or glittery eye makeup look that shouts glam instead of goth. When you swipe on your black lipstick it’ll be a statement, but a fun one, for sure.

What lipstick trends do you want to try this summer? Let us know in the comments!