Upgrade Your Summer Coffee Game With These 7 Easy Recipes

If you’re a coffee lover like me, the first thing you do when you step foot out the door is b-line for the nearest cafe. Much like my OOTD, my coffee order sets the tone for my day ahead. If I’m feeling tropical, I’ll opt for coconut milk and pretend my plastic cup is actually a fancy tropical fruit. To help cure a case of the Mondays, I’ll utter the words “extra whip” when ordering my mocha.

While, yes, iced coffee season is upon us, after a while the novelty of this option becomes as diluted as the beverage itself. Besides it’s summer; it’s time to live a little. 
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To satisfy my diverse and seasonal coffee cravings, I’ve researched the best coffee shop in my town and have been taking notes on the best flavors around to upgrade your summer coffee game. This year, I’ve kept you updated this year with the best fall and winter coffee flavors from my local green corner coffee shop, The Green Bean. Throughout the school year, my friends and I have piled in the car to check out the newest flavors. Now that summer is approaching, The Green Bean has hooked me up again with perfect flavors for the new season.

Even though my coffee shop may be halfway across the country from you, you can get these amazing summer flavors by asking your local barista a few simple changes, and you can even make the recipes at home!

So without further adieu, here are my favorite new flavors and some tricks that you can use to make the same at home!

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Chocolate Almond Chai—Basically the best interpretation of a “Dirty Chai,” make this delicious drink by asking for a Dirty Chai with almond milk and enough pumps of chocolate syrup to fulfill your mocha desires.

Strawberry Fluff Latte—At first I was a little suspicious about fruit flavored coffee until I realized it was like the smoothie that I would have never guessed had caffeine in it. Try this drink at your local cafe by asking for two pumps of marshmallow and strawberry syrup.

French Vanilla Mocha—Sometimes you just have to get the best of both worlds, which is probably why they sell this delicious French Vanilla Mocha at my favorite shop. Make this drink by adding two pumps of chocolate syrup into your classic French Vanilla latte.

Cinnamon Caramel Macchiato—Your delicious cinnamon flavored coffee but with some warm hints of caramel. Create this drink for yourself by adding pumps of caramel syrup to the mix. Try it with almond milk for a yummy nutty twist that tastes just like a caffeinated version on Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk.

Spiced Berry Latte—Get this delicious drink by asking for a classic vanilla bean frap, cinnamon syrup, and some fresh blackberries. The addition of fresh fruit allows you to self rationalize that coffee is in fact breakfast.

Toasted Coconut Latte—Feel like you’re at a gourmet cafe by making this drink for yourself. Ask your barista for a pump of marshmallow and a pump of coconut syrup to create this delicious drink.

Mudslide Mocha—Make an imitation of this rich, creamy, mocha treat by adding coffee and mocha creamer to your hot chocolate. Add a Ghirardelli squares into your hot drink to truly forget that it’s Monday.

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What are your favorite summer coffee recipes? Let us know in the comments below!