Here is How the Most Stylish People Around the World Decorate Their First Apartments

Where you’re from influences nearly every aspect of your life; from the kinds of foods you cook, the way you talk, and even the clothes that hang in your closet. Another more subtle influence is the way people decorate their rooms and living spaces.

Décor often reflects the towns they’re from, where they’ve been, and even where they want to go. Just like the outfits you choose, your bedroom says a lot about your personality and hint at all the components and locations of the world that make you you.

We asked three college students from around the globe to give us a glimpse into their stylish and unique bedrooms!

Sarah Gargano, Oberlin College, Ohio

“I’m from NYC so I’m sure that adds to me making my room very dynamic and busy! I’d describe my style as cute and quirky with lots of vintage.” Sarah has a wide array of photographs spread throughout her room that show fun memories and moments of different people and all kinds of places.

(Photo via @sarahgargano29)

Taylor Camacho, University of Kentucky

“I’ve really always decorated my room to be a representation of me, and since I go to school out of state, I’d say my tastes have definitely changed to reflect my college life at the University of Kentucky. I switched to bright colors (reminiscent of southern tastes) and have decorated in an eclectic way that ties of a lot of those colors and patterns together.” She finds her style is very much based off of her mood, and loves places that use a unique variety of colors and patterns when styling and decorating. “I’ve tried to have my room reflect that a lot so that the décor I live in every day will still constantly inspire my own personal style!”

(Photo via @stylishtalesof_tay)

Thelma, Prairie View A&M University

“I’m from Houston and I don’t really decorate it based on where I’m from. I decorate based on what I’m feeling. Personally, I like to feel a vibe when I come to my room that makes me feel like I’m home. I want to feel comfortable jumping into my bed and know that this is version of heaven when I’m not in school; my little vacation or get away.” Thelma finds that she has a strong taste for minimalism, things that aren’t over the top and cluttered. “I figured a little color in the bedroom wouldn’t hurt. Ha! It’s okay I guess, I wanted to give color a try for a little bit, but I’m not completely in love. My bedding will be going back to white very soon!”

(Photo via @withlovethelms)

Vanessa Salerno, Oneonta State, New York

“I’m from a small town in upstate New York, and the nearest stores that sell cute décor are about an hour away, so a lot of the décor in my room I made myself,” she says. Her style is chic and trendy with a hint of quirky and she keeps that theme throughout her room. “I love mixing together different aspects of my life so it makes for a very ‘me’ room–it’s my favorite place in the house.”

(Photo via @vanessasalernoxx)

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