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7 Female College Students Talk About The Women That Inspire Them and The Importance of Girl Power

January 23rd, 2017 at 2:00am

In the midst of this weekend’s historic Women’s Marches across the country, women now more than ever are uniting and becoming a force to be reckoned with. The Women’s Marches proved that women can inspire other women and will always fight for their collective voices to be heard. Call us #NastyWomen, hear our roar, and stand with us because we’re not going anywhere.

In honor of all the women out there, a few of our Style Gurus talk about the women that inspire them and why. It’s safe to say there can never be too much girl power and love!

One person that really inspires me is Lauren Bush. She’s the Founder and CEO of FEED projects. Food security is an extremely important issue to me, and I love that Lauren found a way to use fashion to shed light on this issue. Lauren is actually George Bush’s niece, so it’s inspiring to me that she used her privilege and spotlight for good. I one day hope to own a company like FEED, and she has shown me that this is possible.”@chastity_diane

“The fashion industry is lucky to have so many girl bosses. Those women are taking charge and making history, and although those women inspire me every day, I’d say my number one role model is my mother. My mother took control of her life and made it exactly how she wanted it to be. She followed her dreams and made them a reality. She constantly pushes me to not give up and create the life I want to live.”@thatchiclex

“The most inspirational women in my life are my mother, Mary, and, my older sister, Macy. Together the three of us motivate each other to continue doing bigger and better things. I would be lost without them, their guidance, and their support!”@oteris

“Hari Nef is one woman from whom I constantly find myself drawing inspiration from. Not only does she have impeccable personal style, but I also admire that as a transgender actress and model she refuses to be pigeonholed by the media.”@br.iana

“My friends Libby and Kristen are endless sources of inspiration for me. They put immense effort into empowering women and producing powerful, creative pieces of work. I’m lucky when I get to be around them because they constantly encourage me to not only be myself, but be proud and confident of who I am and of my personal skills.”@melissaepifano

“A woman that has always inspired me is my paternal grandmother. She raised eight children while simultaneously getting her masters in nursing school. She was a strong, lovely, and very fashionable woman who always encouraged my voracious appetite for knowledge and reading; and she always told me she couldn’t wait to read my books someday. When she passed away my family was given a lot of her beautiful vintage clothes and I wear a few pieces from time to time when I need an extra dose of courage from her. She was and continues to be a source of inspiration of a woman who did it all: she had the kids, the career, and followed her dreams. I love and miss her every day.”@shannonmerceron

“My grandmother is my ultimate inspiration because she’s the epitome of class. She has taught me so many valuable life lessons. She was there when I first learned how to drive, and when I turned 13 she taught me how to curl my eyelashes and put mascara on for the first time. I hold her very dear to my heart and I aspire from her tenacious, kind, and affectionate attitude.”@cherileighco

To all the inspiring women out there, thank you, and keep killing the game because we all need each other for inspiration and empowerment!