STYLE GURU STYLE: Whimsical Rhapsody

I like to pretend I’m good at trying new things, but if I’m honest, I am entirely stubborn and loyal to old habits. So when I went shopping with a friend and she suggested several girly pieces, I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed trying them on. But that didn’t mean that incorporating those items into my typically grungy style was easy. That’s why I chose to draw inspiration from the Chanel spring 2015 couture show to incorporate my newly bought items into my wardrobe. Pushing the boundaries of my grungy style was made easy by the artsy and semi-grannyish outfits of this runway show. I love just how unique and quirky this show was, and I especially drew inspiration from the bright pops of colors across the runway.

While all the looks in this show were gorgeous in their own way, I especially enjoyed look 25. Just the simple whim of this look is what I decided to base my own outfit after. The Chanel show mainly consisted of bright neon and pastel pieces, mixes of textures such as tweed and sequins, and most memorably, huge statement pieces such as bags made as though they were made of flowers. It can feel overwhelming to boil down all these sources of inspiration into one outfit, but I simply focused on making sure the look held true to out-of-the-box standards. I chose to rock my new peplum top in a mint color with a floral texture. I then paired it with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, gray heeled booties, and I accessorized with a silver necklace and grey motorcycle jacket. I topped off the look by wearing a bright pop of coral lipstick.

Throwing old habits out the door doesn’t have to be hard and is so worthwhile when the risk produces outfits as amazing as the ones featured in this show. When you are inspired by something whimsical, take the leap of faith! Preppy yet artsy, this look is put together and perfect for any occasion whether that is going to class or out for lunch. Topped off by a few accessories and a bright lip, you’re ready to push boundaries and maybe even surprise yourself with how your style can change.

Get My Look: 1. Gray heeled booties. 2. Peplum top. 3. Ripped boyfriend jeans.