STYLE GURU STYLE: Which Way To Wonderland

In the last few weeks, I’ve infused my notorious minimalism with inventive patterns. The bright colors have livened my post-spring break gloom (that and the occasional chocolate egg). No matter what campus you’re on across the nation, you too can waltz your way into a printed wonderland. Embrace your inner Mad Hatter and spruce up some old-time favorites. Reinvent your crops and tailored skinnies in new shades like paisley, plaid or both! With quick tricks, you’ll be smiling like a Cheshire, I guarantee.

Here, I show you a simple silhouette stolen from the J.Crew spring 2015 line; tapered to the ankle paired with a classic tank highlights my waist, a look J.Crew does so well. Rather than keeping with their taupes and nudes, I chose a bright green, tribal print and a contrasting, coral statement necklace. I elevate my basic pairing with my choice in colors and prints, while I maintain the collection’s profile. The look is light and easy and anchored with my canvas wedges, an excellent go-to for date night!

I echo the tailored bohemian aura with gold-tipped eyelashes, my favorite flirty makeup technique that compliments the overall outfit. Because I play with my eyes, I left my lips neutral and embraced my natural bedhead. Typically, I follow this beauty routine on rushed school mornings but when I go out, I enjoy the metallic, tousled curl combination too. Free flowing hair and freckled cheeks remind me that summer is only a few finals away.

You don’t have to lose your staples to get this look; simply update your favorite pieces with patterns and stick with a minimalist beauty regime. These fashion fixes will transform last year’s spring wardrobe into enchanting, everyday knock-outs. And by sticking with basic shapes, you’ll avoid artistic collision, ensuring your patterns take front and center. Do I spy a rabbit and a pocket watch? No, but I do see the door to wonderland wide open. What awaits you in your fashion journey?

Get My Look: 1. Gypsy-inspired bottoms with a standout pattern. 2. Wooden wedges like these. 3. An Urban Decay eye palette.