STYLE GURU STYLE: Where's the Snow?

STYLE GURU STYLE: Where's the Snow?

The weather here in Iowa has been all over the place. Once day it is sunny and 70 degrees, and the next it is a full blown snow storm. It is extremely hard to find an outfit that will suit all types of weather…until now.

One of my favorite weather tips is to ALWAYS wear layers. If you think it is going to be chilly in the morning, throw on a leather jacket or a warm cardigan (or even a winter coat). Another tip is to wear shoes that will keep your feet warm but are also lightweight for when the temperature rises.

I opted to wear my current favorite faux suede boots. They are not the most comfortable boots but fashion can be painful. These boots are perfect for keeping my feet warm during the colder days but are super lightweight when it starts to warm up. I paired my brown booties with a simple pair of blue denim jeans. These jeans are very versatile and can be worn in all seasons. They are a bit cropped and frayed on the bottom which makes them perfect for booties.

My favorite layering piece this winter is my long gray cardigan. This cardigan can be dressed up or down and is perfect for the colder days when you want to stay bundled up. It can also double as a lounge robe which is perfect for the days when I won’t leave my dorm room.

I added a simple white T-shirt to the look to finish it off. This shirt is super comfortable and can be tucked in or tied to give it a more casual look. When it starts to get warmer outside, this shirt is perfect because it is light and airy.

To finish off the ensemble, I added a choker, glossy purple lip, and strong eyebrows. Bold lip colors are my favorite way to accessorize a simple fashion look. My favorite bold colors to wear are coral, purple, and orange.

Now you are not only ready for Iowa’s weird weather but for any quickly changing weather you may come across.