STYLE GURU STYLE: Where Are My Wings?

October 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

This is my fourth and last year at my university and like most or some of us I am not ready to read cook books, do taxes or get excited about buying cleaning supplies. Basically I am not ready to adult. With that being said I still find myself slowly enjoying a longer shower or a morning cup of coffee. It’s the little things like picking out a #RAD outfit that keeps me young. Wow, I am getting old!

My personal style is all over the place but it all relates through color. I tend to gravitate towards solids, neutrals and minimal prints. I don’t like to categorize my style as feminine since I wore the same outfit the other day but replaced this top with a white tee and a baseball cap.

Lately I have been loving lingerie inspired clothing like this off-the-shoulder blouse. It’s a silky material in the perfect shade of blush that seems to flatter anyone. I dressed it down with my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and dressed it back up with a heeled sandal. I can never make up my mind or simply remember what I have planned for the day so I tend to play it safe and wear something versatile. I may be overdressed to class at times but some days I just need an outfit to keep me motivated.

This is just the second week of school and I already have senioritis. If this is your last year you know how it is. I am ready to be done but I do not want to leave. I am going to miss long study nights bonding with friends over how much we dislike a class when it’s three hours before a midterm. This bird is not ready to leave the nest but I am sure ready to fly!