STYLE GURU STYLE: When Edgy Meets Lacey

Going through the designers that set the fashion tone for the upcoming fall, I noticed more detail the second time around. Many designers incorporated lace as a part of their ready-to-wear 2015 collections. My first thought that pops in my head when I think of lace is usually a girly or dainty look. This misconception happens far too often and I’m here to let you know we don’t always have to run to our leather to be edgy. Mixing materials like Alberta Ferretti had done in her fall 2015 collection surely puts this to the test.

Alberta Ferretti is a woman who wanted to inspire a theme of change and dawning of a new age in her approach to recreate the Renaissance in her collection for fall. Her name may be new to the ear for some, but she and her brother have created multiple well-known brands together such as Moschino and Jean Paul Gaultier. In my look, I found similarity between my style and Ferretti’s in the way that we both used contrasting materials and colors in one outfit.

In my outfit I chose to go with a sweater that had a bottom trim of lace underneath it, which gave the impression that it was a separate layer. It also made the plain material of the sweater more edgy and modern by adding that lace twist. With the top of my outfit being made up of lighter colors, I went with skinny black pants and a pair of chunky, strapped, black sandals to really emphasize the sheerness of the lace. I finished the look with my own personal touches by always adding my bangles and rings that you can do to almost any outfit. Plus, I added some shades to block the haters or sun!

Get My Look: 1. Better than regular sweater. 2. Too cool shades. 3. Chunky-strapped sandals.