STYLE GURU STYLE: What Skinnies?

Does anyone ever have those “OMG, I’m turning into my mom” moments like I sometimes do? Cause, well, yeah…that’s exactly how I felt when I gave into the flared jeans trend and finally bought my first pair of flares (no offense mom, we all know you rock flares better than probably everyone in this world). Now if anyone had ever told me (as the poster-girl for skinny jeans that I am) that one day I’d reach into my drawers and grab the wide-legged pants instead of the skin-tight ones, I probably would’ve laughed in his face and made a little too much fun of him. I guess the tables may have now turned a little.

It’s no doubt that the ’70s are having a major comeback. From fringe and caftans, to asymmetric prints and bell-bottoms, designers everywhere are embracing the rebellious boho/hippie style and giving it the chance to completely take over the fashion world again. The Emilio Pucci spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was impeccable and unarguably quintessential of the free-spirited ’70s girl. Among the abstract prints and flowy maxi dresses, flared pants got the opportunity to shine and make a huge statement on the runway. Their comfort, versatility, coolness and ability to elongate your legs and balance out your curves (let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want that?) are what make flared pants so appealing and sought-after lately.

Feeling greatly inspired by this trend, I decided to take the risk and step out of my comfort zone once more and put my own twist on things. I wore my pair of high-waisted light blue flared jeans with a plain white button-up shirt that I left half tucked in, half tucked out. For shoes, I wore my favorite leopard pointed booties to add that playful peek-a-boo effect to the outfit. As for accessories, an oversized maroon leather tote bag, lots and lots of gold rings, simple necklaces and a stack of gold and beige bracelets were more than enough to complete the look.

By taking this boho trend and adding the classy and chic elements of my personal style to it, I managed to find a way to make it as Paula as it could possibly get just so that I could feel comfortable rocking it on a daily basis. After all, isn’t taking major trends and incorporating them into your own style without losing your individuality all that fashion’s about? Yup, I think so.

Get My Look: 1. Flared jeans. 2. White shirt. 3. Oversized tote bag.