STYLE GURU STYLE: What Goes Around Comes Around

It’s no secret vintage always has been and always will be iconic in fashion. There’s something about taking a piece from the past and making it fit into “the now” that’s extremely satisfying. Today’s ever-evolving trends will make you regret ever giving away your ’90s wardrobe. Now will popcorn shirts and gauchos come back in style? One can hope not, but a few of my favorite things have made their way back into the closets of many Fashionistas and I could not be more excited!

This June & Hudson sweater from Nordstrom has quickly become my go-to of the season. Not only does it include a turtleneck and shoulder detail, but the airy crochet on the top half and sleeves make it great for warm afternoons and into the night as the temperatures drop. I paired it with my favorite Lucky Brand flare jeans (which I could not be happier are no longer a thing of the past) and classic peep-toe booties from Red Dress Boutique! To complete this look without throwing off the color scheme I wore my staple tortoise Michael Kors sunnies. It’s been said before that fashion is a cyclical process, and there truly is no better way to put it. Over time trends and styles evolve and come back better than before; everything from chokers and animal prints to bell bottoms and turtlenecks. All it takes is a modern twist to make a good thing great again.

So Fashionistas, when this semester finally ends and you make your way home for the holidays it’s time to raid your parents’ closets! Keep a keen eye out for pieces you foresee making their way back in style in the near future so that you stay ahead of the game and on budget! Until next time!