Hello again fellow Style Gurus! I’m so excited to be writing my first article of the semester! I decided to go with writing about my own style for the first article, so my fellow gurus can get to know me a little better. As you may have seen in my Style Guru Bio, I love being comfy in my clothes. If I’m wearing jeans or a skirt, they must be comfy or I’ll just feel constricted. I’m sure many of us feel the same way! Especially if we’re out running errands and have had a long day at work, then of course we’re going to want all of the comfort we can get. Today was one of those long days where I had to run errands after a tough day at work.

In this look, I chose very neutral colors and added a pop of pink into the mix. Today was pretty cold with some snow flurries, so I decided to throw on some warm leggings. Plain black leggings are one of my go-to articles of clothing because they are so versatile and can go with any color shirt or sweater you desire. Next, I threw on a bright pink workout zip-up. Over my zip-up I decided to wear a black vest for more of a sporty look. Also included in this look are some simple gray sneakers, which are my favorite shoes right now. These sneakers are from Toms, and they are so comfy and match with almost anything. For accessories, I added a simple, black watch and a black, Michael Kors purse.

I hope you all enjoy this look! With this outfit you could dress it up or dress it down with your own personal style. I can’t wait to share more articles with you guys in the near future!