If there is one style that I’m obsessed about, it has to be clothes with a washed out, worn out look. Faith Connexion’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear show reveals the beauty of beaten up clothing that doesn’t look frumpy or dirty. The looks are stylish, showing off how rough edges can make a look better if carefully styled rather than looking too used for many years. The washed out looks and the torn jeans are the aspects of the show that really stand out. The ripped and shredded pieces add depth and texture to the looks. Each crevasse catches the light differently, thus, giving the feeling of craters on the moon. These impetuous styles give a Fashionista/o a cool edge. The Faith Connexion fashion show is a great inspiration for anyone interested in exploring a look with imperfections and character. It proves that there are some items that are good enough to be kept and reused over time.

Not to my surprise, New Mexico weather is still really cold. Even though I recently changed my clocks for Daylight Saving Time, making the days seem longer, it is still definitely not spring. Because of the early morning chill, I decided to wear my intact skinnies, rather than my holey ones. To emulate the wear and tear of the distressed look I am aiming for, I started off with a ripped oversized T-shirt. To give the look some color and vibrancy, I added a flannel shirt on top.

Now you may be asking, where do I get a cool ripped shirt? Can’t find one for sale? No worries, you can make your own! Now this is where the fun part comes in with DIY; grab your serrated bread knife, and drag it along the shirt fabric to make some rough holes. You decide how much or little you want.

Get My Look: 1. A ripped T-shirt. 2. A colorful flannel. 3. Dark-washed jeans.