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June 1st, 2017 at 2:05am

I’ve always been a little more out there with pieces I let float into my closet. My thoughts, ever since I was younger, were if I felt good I would wear it. Of course, I stayed updated on the latest fashion trends, but at the same time, it never mattered to me what everyone else was wearing or if everyone else was not brave enough to jump on a trend. Fashion trends have to start somewhere, right? Fashion is like art to me, a way to express myself, so I took the words of the great Frank Sinatra and, “Did it my way.”

Today’s outfit is definitely one of my favorite looks ever. I wish I could personally thank whoever made off-the-shoulder tops a reality because they are the best. What I love about this top the most is the bell sleeves. They are so fun and scream summer. I can definitely say I turned heads. I am also appreciative of the straps. Being a member of the small boobs club sometimes brings troubles when trying to find a strapless shirt that actually stays on. However, this tropical top provides a cute alternative to the completely off-the-shoulder top and I love it!

My jeans were inspired by one of my favorite brands: Gucci. I admire the way they push boundaries and aren’t afraid to revive the past. When they brought back the embroidered denim, I was thrilled. I couldn’t afford the collection (a girl can dream), but it inspired me to seek a more affordable option. Combined with a solid top, these embroidered jeans with a cut hem are a subtle statement Harry Styles aka the King of Gucci would be proud of.

Lately, mix-and-match has been a solid trend. Don’t get me wrong. I love mixing and matching patterns with different accessories, but my one weakness is being completely matching. I took directions from my top and went with all white for my accessories. I channeled my inner retro Hollywood and adorned my outfit with white sunglasses and a purse. As for my jewelry, the hints of sterling silver and gold give the outfit a delicate touch that doesn’t distract from everything else. Finally, I finished off my look with velvet heels. I am obsessed! They are very chic and comfortable! Who says you can’t wear velvet in the summer?

A word to the wise: rules are made to be broken, and luckily, fashion has no rules. I fully encourage you to wear what makes you feel beautiful because you are amazing Fashionistas ready to conquer the world one heel at a time.