Black is and will forever be my favorite color. People get a confused look on their face whenever I tell them. Black is such a classic color and goes with literally everything; I’m also a huge fan of white. So it makes sense that Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers; in my eyes he is the king when it comes to designing with black and white. When styling my look, I took inspiration from his pre-fall 2016 show. This collection was not focused on anything specific but inspired by the style of the people around him. There was layering, leather, metal details and, of course, a lot of black.

Because black is my favorite color I decided to have that be the base of my look. I wanted to take another element from the show, so I chose layering. Layering has never been one of my strong suits, hence I took on the challenge.

One of the pre-fall 2016 looks included a lace black top and another outfit had an illusion top. I drew inspiration from those looks to layer a black mesh tank over a gray tank. I chose black wax coated J Brand mid-rise skinny jeans because of the leather pants I saw in the show. And of course I had to wear my favorite vegan leather jacket (that I wear on almost a daily basis) which I purchased from Free People a couple years ago. I love wearing my jackets like capes as of lately so that’s how I styled myself. I just think it’s a cool way to accessorize and give your outfit a different look.

With my ensemble I wanted to incorporate inspiration from Alexander Wang’s pre-fall 2016 show along with looks that are currently trending as well. Because the ’70s is such an inspiration this season, I included navy blue lace-up peep toe booties from Charlotte Russe in my look. It’s hard to walk into a store today without seeing a lace-up top, dress or pair of shoes. Alexander Wang’s show included hints of dark colors here and there so I thought it was a nice touch. I always like the challenge of pairing navy with black.

I chose to wear sunglasses with my look because whether it is sunny or overcast I always have sunglasses on. I have seen this style of aviators on so many celebrities since summertime and have searched high and low for the perfect pair to fit my face shape. I found the perfect pair from Free People in October and have been obsessed with them ever since.

Get My Look: 1. Aviator sunglasses. 2. Lace-up booties. 3. Wax coated jeans.