STYLE GURU STYLE: Unexpected Utility

If there’s anything you know about my style at this point, it’s that I pull heavily from menswear. Needless to say, this time I was inspired by Giorgio Armani’s fall 2015 menswear collection. Specifically, this look features classic structured pieces combined with flowing outerwear and some hardcore boots. The line as a whole relies heavily on this combination of ultra tailored pieces contrasted against much more casual hanging pieces. Tying it all together is a complementary palette of blues, blacks and grays. In other words, all of my favorite colors are featured in the collection. No wonder I couldn’t resist recreating the look in my own way.

To begin with and keeping in mind that it is (unfortunately) finals week, I chose a simple black feminine formfitting romper. While the pieces in the collection are staples of menswear, I decided to add my own feminine touch to give a few more contradictions and to bring a little more interest. In homage to the look that caught my eye, I decided to pair the romper with a flowing cropped utility jacket to simultaneously give my outfit a bit of structure while keeping it casual. To toughen it up a bit and give a nod back to the boots featured in the collection, I chose to top off my look with my tried and true Dr. Martens.

Finals week might be rough with constant all-nighters, late night study sessions and caffeine binges—but don’t let dead week discourage you. Grab your cup of coffee, and take notes from Giorgio Armani’s menswear collection. Pair some ultra structured pieces with more casual pieces to avoid looking like a part of the sweatpants brigade. You won’t regret it.

Get My Look: 1. A rad black romper. 2. Dr. Martens to show your finals who’s boss. 3. Draped jacket.