STYLE GURU STYLE: Tropical Paradise

STYLE GURU STYLE: Tropical Paradise

It’s no secret that every fashion aficionado treats Vogue as their bible. We hope, dream and aspire to uphold to the standards it sets for us. Realistically, most of us have to translate these styles into our own unique looks. How fun is that, though? I for one take great joy into mixing, matching and creating beautiful getups. Black staples, prints and simple accessories make for a stunning summer combo if you ask me!

Prada’s fall 2016 ready-to-wear collection is composed of exciting and bold pieces that somehow all flow together impeccably. From tropical prints to black, fur trimmed leather pieces, these garments contain so much versatility. This line gave me the ability to choose which aspects I wanted to pull from and style on myself!

Summer is the prime time to showcase all of your zaniest and eccentric pieces of clothing. Which by the way, come few and far in between in my wardrobe. I prefer to keep it simple most of the time and that is precisely why I paired these pineapple pants with a timeless black racer back tank. Minimalism meshed with chaotic. These pants are that busy and eye catching, I couldn’t have possibly balanced this look with anything but a subtle top. They are breathable, lightweight and stay with your silhouette. In other words, dreamy and ideal for this sweltering summer heat. Prada has the right idea keeping with tropical prints throughout the year so I figured I’d give it a shot too.

Right now, I am also super into tucking my tops in my pants. Nostalgia has hit hard and at times I may get carried away reminiscing on vintage ‘90s styles, but with this look I trust it works. The fitted black top resembles Prada’s use of the color throughout their line. It’s extremely prominent in every look that went down the runway. Who doesn’t love black?

Keeping with my modest personal style, I of course had to include a handbag, gold jewels and classic aviator sunglasses to incorporate a degree of accessories. I can tell you, that’s about as “accessorized” as I get. Less is more in my book. This black handbag from South Moon Under is perfect for loading up your goods into, but keeping it tasteful at the same time. Always my go-to. From tropical printed pants to black minimal accessories, I believe this look is exceptionally chic. I took ideals from the Prada runways to college campus sidewalks. You could do the same!

Get My Look: 1. Tropical inspired printed pants. 2. Plain black tank. 3. Classic aviator shades.