May 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

If there’s anything Etro can do well, it’s intriguing patterns and thematic details. This year, the Etro 2015 spring ready-to-wear collection showcased a uniquely half ’70s retro, half Native American-inspired feel. Its designer, Veronica Etro, played with handcrafted designs and textures, focusing on customized dyed, cut and decorated looks. The line also featured braided ornamentations and bright, tribal patterns. Despite its clear nod to Native American dress, including fringe and feather necklaces and beads, the line proves anything but campy. It maintains an elegant sophistication amidst audacious statement ensembles. Flowing layers and strappy sandals give the line a hint of hippie, festival flair.

For my look, I was influenced by the rich Native American vibes of Etro’s collection. I donned a burnt orange dress as the centerpiece of my outfit. The dress’s earthy color, as well as its unique accents, give it a distinctly tribal quality. The dress features a V-neck construction with braided straps that tie together at the neck, an element characteristic of Etro’s line. The sharp neckline ends with a beaded embellishment, a mosaic of brightly colored gems that resembles a dream catcher. Through these Native American-inspired details, my ensemble carries an aesthetic that is often hard to replicate with ease. The slight billowing of the skirt cultivates a delicate air that avoids costume-like undertones. I finished off my look with a light brown strappy sandal, indicative of those worn by Etro’s models, that retains a consistent color palette throughout.

Get My Look: 1. A tribal print dress. 2. A strappy, brown sandal. 3. A beaded brooch.