STYLE GURU STYLE: Trendy Turtlenecks

Many trends from these past few seasons have truly been blasts from the past, i.e. ponchos, Vans slip-on sneakers and flare jeans. However, one of my personal favorites is the turtleneck. This trend can be incorporated into outfits as either a statement piece or a staple. Diesel Black Gold’s pre-fall 2016 collection utilizes turtlenecks as a staple for some of its more elaborate pieces, which is seen in looks three and eleven as they are layered underneath both a dress and leather jacket respectively. Using a turtleneck as a staple really helps to make an outfit look trendier since it is different from the average scoop or V-neck cut of layering pieces. In addition, there is something about its sleekness that makes its wearers appear very put-together, which I love. Therefore, I’ve chosen to embrace the turtleneck trend in my wardrobe, however, I tend to utilize it in terms of statement pieces instead of a staple.

I loved both the turtleneck and cropped elements as seen in look six of Diesel’s collection, which made me really excited when I found a cropped turtleneck sweater. With the warmer temperatures we have been experiencing this season, it can be hard to embrace winter trends like turtlenecks. Therefore, the cropped cut and short sleeves have made this sweater the perfect piece to embrace both the trend and weather. To complete the look, I chose to pair the sweater with high-waist jeans and over-the-knee boots. Why those specific boots? The shorter hemline of the sweater tends to make my legs appear longer, so I chose to play them up even more with the over-the-knee boots. In addition, the longer height of the boots makes the sweater appear even more cropped and trendy.

Get My Look: 1. Statement turtleneck (Doesn’t have to be cropped, though. It is winter after all!) 2. High-waist jeans 3. Over-the-knee boots