STYLE GURU STYLE: Tomboy with a Twist

Whether I’m strolling the streets of Philly, shopping at the mall or flipping through the pages of a magazine, there are a few things I am always drawn to when it comes to fashion. If you know anything about me or my style, you probably can predict the list of things I adore, which include: 1. Leather (obviously), 2. Camouflage (maybe it’s my love for men in the military) and 3. Menswear (just my general love for men being stylish). So why not combine all three? Introducing: menswear gone womenswear, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, spring 2015 Menswear Edition.

First things first, the rapper Travis Scott opened the physical runway show…what could be cooler than that? Throughout the whole collection, the vibe is casual and features playful pops of camouflage and fun, colorful prints. Some looks could be worn effortlessly by your average dude, others by the more daring crowd. I took particular inspiration from three featured looks, all which include camo print, shorts and black detailing.

I decided to add a personal twist by making my black leather crop top from Forever 21 the feature focus of the look. I pair it with a simple pair of black high-waisted twill shorts and my all-time favorite go-to camo Converse (which are unisex!). To keep the vibe relaxed but not too tomboy-ish, I finish off the entire ensemble with a swipe of dark lip gloss, some loose beachy waves and a silver shimmery temporary tattoo on my upper arm.

Get My Look: 1. Leather crop top. 2. High-waisted black shorts. 3. Camo Converse.