STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwin' It Back to the '90s

November 24th, 2016 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU STYLE: Throwin' It Back to the '90s

Over the course of this year, a lot of trends from past decade have started to resurface in the fashion world. These throwback trends include apparel and accessories from the ’90s, like overalls, choker necklaces, denim jackets and jelly sandals. I’m all for trying out new trends (or, in this case, old trends), and incorporating them into your personal wardrobe.

Personally I swap out trends all the time. Sometimes I feel like wearing a grunge ’90s look with mostly dark colors, and sometimes I feel like wearing pastel colors or a flower print. My personal style always depends on my mood and changes day by day, but taking one look at my closet, you can tell that I’m a big fan of black and neutral clothing. I’m trying to branch out and have more lighter colors incorporated into my wardrobe, I usually like to have one or two statement pieces in my outfit.

For this outfit, I opted for a pair of dark green overalls that I actually got for a steal at H&M. I’m always scavenging the sale racks in stores, as you never know when you’re going to find a gem like these. I’m also wearing a black long sleeve T-shirt underneath my overalls, that I got from Target, because living in Boston this is around the time that the weather starts to get a bit more chilly. Finally, I have on my trusty black Converse that can go with almost any outfit.

One of the statement pieces for this outfit is my black bomber jacket from Zara. This is the favorite jacket that I own; I literally wear it with everything, and it can dress up an outfit or add a little flare to a more casual look like the one that I’m wearing. I think that every girl should have at least one bomber jacket in her closet, as they are the easiest go-to if you don’t know what to wear. I’m also a big fan of chokers, which are super popular right now. I feel like every time I go into a store I come out with a new choker, but this particular one is a black tattoo choker with multicolored beads that I picked up from Urban Outfitters.

You can wear this outfit on a weekend day out, or it could even work for a comfortable class fit. If you want to dress up this outfit, you can swap out the Converse and bomber jacket for some heeled boots and a leather jacket. Or, if it happens to be a cooler day, which we don’t get much of after October in Boston, you can substitute a tank top or short sleeve shirt for the long sleeve and leave out the jacket.

Go and bring back the ’90s on your campus and try out some of the older fashion trends that have gained a new life in the world of fashion!