Outfits With Overalls You'll Love If You're Still Not Over the ‘90s


While overalls certainly weren’t created in the ‘90s, the decade brought the trend back to us in full force in many amazing ways (we can’t help but think of all the times Mary-Kate and Ashley styled them to perfection). And still, they just won’t die. Not that we’re complaining. In fact, we’re celebrating their long-lived success with a roundup of the best ways our community has styled them, because in our minds, the ‘90s should never die and neither should the incredible outfits it brought to us. If you’re in agreement, keep reading for six new ways to bring this classic throwback piece into 2018.

PHOTO: @mmoor

Juxtapose Distressed Denim Overalls With a Polished Blazer

Ripped denim overalls a little too casual for you? Upgrade them with a classic blazer and a pair of black leather booties.

PHOTO: @alwaysannawade

Toughen Up a Simple Look With a Leather Jacket Over Black Overalls

If you’re not in the mood for a usual blue jean look, then dark denim overalls are a solid solution. Wear them with a turtleneck sweater for colder days, and add some edge to the basic ensemble with a black leather jacket.

PHOTO: @sydneyhelphenstine

Stick to the Basics With Classic Overalls and a Gray Tee

Whether you have nonstop errands to run or you’re heading to class, overalls with a plain long-sleeve is a perfect go-to for a busy day. Add some comfy sneakers to keep things simple.

PHOTO: @indiepeacock

Add Leopard Print Boots to Denim Overalls for an Unexpected Pop

If you’re a shoe-loving, showstopper kind of person, pair your overalls with leopard print boots. The fun pop will add an eye-catching element to the look.

PHOTO: @gisele_milan

Pair Velvet Overalls With a Baker Boy Cap For an Insta-Ready Look

Black velvet overalls make for a chic combo with a simple blouse, but why stop there? Throw on a silk scarf and a baker boy cap for a look that’s on-trend and Insta-worthy.

PHOTO: @theunkempt

Layer a Long-Sleeve Top Under Wide-Leg Overalls for a Play on Proportions

Ready for something new? Forgo classic overalls for a wide-leg style, and balance the excess of fabric with a smaller T-shirt up top. Add white sneakers for another sleek addition to this unexpected silhouette.

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Featured photo by @gisele_milan