Upon gazing Vogue’s latest runway shows, I stumbled across the best bridal looks from tons of spring 2016/2017 collections. A collection that caught my eye was by Houghton Bride. I am in love with the simplicity of a white gown and how designers such as Givency, Elie Saab and Valentino have the ability to take something as simple and classic as a white wedding dress, and turn it into something so unique. I saw tons of pant suits, embroidery and bold statement pieces from Houghton’s spring 2017 collection. I knew I had to recreate one of these looks, but with a little flare of my style.

Obviously I am unable to rock a bridal gown just for a day of classes, so I decided to utilize the simplicity of a white dress and make it pertain to my own style. I wanted to surround the whole look around this simple dress. However, I stayed away from the traditional feminine aspect of the white dress, and went for this girl-meets-tomboy sort of look.

The key to obtain the look I was going for is to accessorize!  I started with my all time favorite/go-to booties. I live in these things, seriously. Next, I threw on my black floppy hat, my favorite pair of round sunnies from Forever 21 and my new quilted cross-body purse from Necessary Clothing. My phone case is by ZGLA. I just got it for my new phone and of course, I gotta flaunt it! As for makeup, I kept it really neutral so that the bold lipstick can stand out even more.

I love sharing other student’s looks with you guys, but I am happy to finally give you guys an idea of my style.

Get My Look: 1. Simple lace dress. 2. Chunky necklaces. 3. Bold lip. 4. Chunky booties. 5. Floppy hat.