STYLE GURU STYLE: The Velvet Cold Shoulder

I hope everyone had a great spring break and is ready to finish off the last few weeks of school. As previously mentioned, my style is a constantly changing; I will wear whatever I like, whenever I want. So, for my current style, there are two trends that I have been in love with recently and definitely felt the need to share them.

The first one: anything and everything velvet! I am 100 percent all for the fact that velvet is a thriving trend right now. Whether it is regular or crushed velvet, you can’t go shopping anywhere without there being some velvet apparel. If you don’t own at least one article of clothing made out of velvet, I totally suggest you get one. Not only is it super adorable, but it is a very soft material both inside and out, making it very comfortable and durable to wear. To feature this trend, I have on an off-the-shoulder long sleeve navy blue crushed velvet top.

The next trend that I have been obsessed with is also featured with my top. That would be the off-the-shoulder look. Whether it is just tops or dressed with shoulder cut-outs or completely off-the-shoulder, this trend was a quickly escalated fashion world favorite. This trend gives a whole new element to clothing. You can take a simple top and make the shoulder cut-out or completely make it off-the-shoulder and suddenly, the garment is better than ever.

I paired my top with some high-waisted ripped black jeans and some snake print booties. A great addition to an off-the-shoulder top is a cute choker—which also is a very popular trend—like the bow one I included in my outfit. I also grabbed my new favorite Michael Kors purse to complete the look. Last but not least, when the weather is bad, always look cute and stay dry with a simple bubble umbrella.

So, there is my current style! Hope you feel the urge to go out and rock some crushed velvet or give the world the “cold shoulder” with an off-the-shoulder look.