STYLE GURU STYLE: The Skinny on Scarves 

We’ve already seen the matching two piece set as made famous by Taylor Swift, but something new and similar is starting to trend throughout a lot of different designers’ repertoires: the skinny scarf. Why is this similar you ask? Let me answer by saying that matching your scarf to your dress, pants, jacket is a now acceptable once again and it is a beautiful thing. Instead of matching a shirt with a skirt, imagine matching a scarf with basically any article of clothing.

The days of watching Jennifer Aniston rock this look on and off screen decades ago are now inspiring many spring collections for 2016. Marc Jacobs’ pop-art, Americana designs are graced with a few appearances of the skinny scarf. With bold colors it is important to stay away from too many other daring accessories. Pairing these looks with such a minor accessory is what makes the simplicity and the elegance of the concept stand out. Chloé is quite the opposite of Marc Jacobs, showcasing a more natural and youthful use of the scarf. The simplicity of the accessory only mimics the rest of the outfit.

Taking inspiration from the various shows, I decided to match my scarf to my solid colored leggings. To add a little drama to my outfit, I opted for a bold colored jacket similar to the color scheme of Marc Jacob’s collection. Even in the cold you can still be inspired by spring ready-to-wear collections.

Get My Look: 1. Skinny scarf. 2. A classic peacoat. 3. Fancy leggings.