STYLE GURU STYLE: The One Where She Uses Colors

Thigh high boots and an oversize Levi’s jacket are not exactly the first things that come to mind when you think of an appropriate outfit for family brunch. However, I have always been a fan of mixing completely different styles. A huge flaw in my closet is that I barely have anything that comes to mind as “business casual.” So when my parents tell me we are going somewhere fancy and to not dress in all black, my response is a blank stare. Several years later we have come to terms with an agreement—I can wear something with holes in it as long as it has something on the sweeter side, which balances it out. This is exactly how this look came to life.

I recently ran into an old friend who was wearing your typical little black dress, but threw on an oversize jacket with some casual booties. I’ve been attempting to recreate the look ever since. By mixing dressy and casual together, you get an outfit that is ready for pretty much any occasion. Since I just recently made the switch over from life as a tomboy, this strapless dress rarely comes out of my closet. The ruffles give off a very feminine vibe that I am not usually in the mood to conquer. If I do take it off it’s hanger it’s usually paired with a leather jacket and a black choker. Since I agreed to go easy on the darker colors for this brunch, I opted for my favorite vintage denim jacket. Since the jacket is oversize, it tones down the look a bit, adding a more casual vibe. It’s light wash helps brighten the overall outfit as well.

Another way to switch up your usual night time look and make it more appropriate for a day time event is to lighten up your usage of colors. By choosing gray thigh-high boots instead of black, it softens the look. My usual thick, black choker was replaced with thin, layered necklaces, and I added some rings that match the color palette I originally had in mind. Although colorful accessories aren’t usually my go-to, a boho vibe is always a safe choice!