STYLE GURU STYLE: The No-Stress White Dress

The fashion world is bombarded with a new set of style trends at the turn of every season. There is an endless amount of magazines, websites and social media apps that are solely dedicated to covering what styles are currently trending. As much as we all love new outfit ideas, a busy Fashionista in college has barely any time to devote to keeping up with what’s on the runway. It’s hard enough to find the energy to study for class, let alone fashion, when you’re in college. From a financial standpoint, it’s not realistic to adopt every new trend that comes around.

What’s the secret to staying up to date with your wardrobe without trying too hard? Buying classic pieces seems to be the key to dressing success. This white button-down dress is a classic piece that keeps my wardrobe up to date even as new trends arrive. For this look, I took a dose of inspiration and wore a white dress like the ones I had seen in Zac Posen’s spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection. The outfits in his show exuded a relaxed mood in a white, black and red color palate. Though the individual pieces in his show were traditional in design, the simplicity and minimalism of the outfits kept the overall look of the collection quite modern. Embracing the same mentality towards styling my look, I kept accessories at a minimum aside from a pair of hoop earrings. I then threw on a pair of burgundy tights and some heeled booties to complete my outfit for an effortless look that was definitely on trend!

Get My Look: 1. White dress. 2. Western booties. 3. Berry colored lipstick.