According to our calendars, spring has officially begun and I couldn’t be more excited! Of course the weather is changing and that’s good news, but really there isn’t much of a difference here in South Florida. Forget the weather, I’m mostly excited about the fashion trends that are emerging and will soon be consuming all of us Fashionistas. This season is all about bright colors, sheer fabrics and prints; more specifically, plaid prints. We’ve seen them throughout the fall and winter, and now they’re back, just more spring appropriate of course.

A runway show that inspired this look featuring this diverse trend was Miu Miu spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection. It’s amazing how one print can be transformed into so many different ways. For example, the variety of colors, textures and even smaller details like the width of the pattern can really change the overall design of plaid prints.

Since it’s quite hot around this time, this loose fabric was certainly a great way to keep me cool. Also, the open back served as the perfect combination of ventilation and edge. The interesting thing about this top is that it also incorporates another trend that’s always in for spring: floral. It combines these two trendy prints in a way that isn’t too overwhelming by having clusters of floral in just the right places. This top has definitely been revamped from the typical red plaid shirt we’re used to seeing.

I finished off the look by keeping the rest of the outfit pretty simple. For bottoms, I went with my favorite pair of denim jeans that have the most flattering zippers above the ankles. As for shoes, these brown flats tied in perfectly with the brown tones of the flowers in the top.

Get My Look: 1. Sheer plaid top. 2. Ankle zipper denim. 3. Brown flats