These boots were made for walking! And that’s just what they’ll do. Last year, the Christian Dior fall 2015 line gave us a new shoe to pine over, a style which has now been adopted by many shoe brands. Now, we can all look like a Dior girl. The patent leather boot with a lucite heel has made its way from the runway to the street and we’re not mad about it. Often in a frosty pastel hue with a neon heel, this mod go-go girl style shoe can be paired with anything. Since this was my first pair I opted for the classic black with a gradient black-to-translucent heel to coincide with the rest of my wardrobe. Black is the most versatile option, but I would like to try a candy colored hue like fashion icon Kylie J did during New York Fashion Week 2015.

Dior isn’t the only place you’ll see a shoe like this; many designers and brands have adopted the season’s new boot and its flattering silhouette: chunky-heeled and fit to the leg, extending just above the ankle. Not only do we see these lucite heels in patent leather but in textured suede as well. Hopefully the shoe’s appearance in several locations means that these babies are here to stay!

Since it is still pretty chilly here in Minnesota I went with a bomber jacket and turtleneck bodysuit to stay warm. We all know that bombers, turtlenecks and bodysuits have been some of the big trends for this past year, so why not pair them with another new trend? These shoes speak for themselves, so for their first time off the shelf I wanted to wear an outfit without too many distractions. The olive tone of the bodysuit paired with a black bomber and black jeans allow the focus to be on my shiny new boots.

Get My Look: 1. Black bomber jacket. 2. Olive turtleneck bodysuit. 3. Lucite boots.