STYLE GURU STYLE: The Longer, The Better

Balenciaga has always been an inspiring brand in the fashion industry. This year’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection was sleek and elegant yet sporty and realistic. The looks were mostly styled in black, cream, white, gray and sneaky hints of light purple. This collection included beautiful thick netting, thin chiffon and feathering detail. Balenciaga provides a few different silhouettes including long, dramatic coats, tiny jumpers, mid-length skirts and high collars. Alexander Wang, Balenciaga’s creative director, does a good job at portraying a sporty and futuristic vibe with shiny sunglasses and cool black piece accessories.

My style is very similar to this Balenciaga collection this spring and I tried to pull of these runway looks in the most realistic way possible! I believe in simple, clean pieces. I love anything that I can wear from class to an event with ease. A long coat is a smart go-to to grab this spring season. My jacket has a black and white paisley woven pattern. This is one of my favorite pieces because it makes any outfit look sharp and dramatic. I’ve worn this piece with a lot of different outfits. It is very versatile.

My high-waisted slacks are one of my favorite pieces. They’re a light blue color that almost looks gray. I love having these in my closet because they’re perfect for any interview or special event. When paired with the jacket, my outfit looks fierce and powerful. My black heels are a comfortable height and add spice to my look. Most of the Balenciaga looks this spring are paired with skinny, black pointed flats. I love the look of an outfit being finished with a clean flat or heel. Black is always my favorite in a shoe, and the pointed toe is a great realistic trend this spring season.

Get My Look: 1. A long, fabulous coat. 2. Neutral slacks. 3. Pointed toe shoes