STYLE GURU STYLE: The Cold Shoulder

When it comes to New York Fashion Week, it should be no surprise that a Style Guru, like myself, would treat it as a holiday. This semi-annual series of events brings in exclusive international fashion, leaving us all to bask in the glory that is Fashion Week. Last February wrapped up the first of the two, rounding up some of the top fashion trends for 2017. A look I loved seeing make its way onto the runway were cold shoulder tops. Popular in the ’50s and ‘60s, a cold shoulder shirt creates a flirtatious appearance while still covering your arm with a sleeve.

Taking inspiration from this year’s Fashion Week, I tried recreating the cold shoulder look by pairing my black Ink cold shoulder blouse with a pair of navy blue Express jeans and leather boots. While the cut and material of the blouse could have easily gone well with a different style of pants, the dark wash of my jeans created a versatile look perfect for both a day of class or a night out on the town. The open shoulders showed just enough skin to dress the blouse up, but not too much where it would clash with the simplicity of the outfit.

With blonde, wavy hair falling just below my shoulders, black is my go-to color for all things fashion. Long hair against a dark color like black sticks out nicely, allowing attention to be focused not only on my outfit but my hair and accessories as well. The brown trim on my black Michael Kors shoulder bag continued the flow of neutral colors in my outfit, creating an opportunity for a pop of color if desired.

With so many styles and looks, cold shoulder tops complement every body type. Though I loved the solid black design when I first laid eyes on it, there are numerous other colors and patterns to choose from. To complete this look, I matched each of my accessories to the gold found in both my boots and my shoulder bag. By keeping all of my jewelry in the same color family, my outfit remained simple yet timeless. My gold Michael Kors watch contrasted nicely against the black in my top and in my Kate Spade New York bangle and earrings. Though tall black boots go with almost everything and are a must have, next time I decide to wear my cold shoulder blouse, I might reach for my black, heeled ankle booties to dress up my look a little more.

For over 50 years, New York Fashion Week has been inspiring Fashionistas with its iconic clothing and international fashion. Although I have never been one to stray from casual trends, I took a risk with a cold shoulder top and absolutely fell in love with this #RAD look. You better believe I will be tuned into the next Fashion Week come September.