STYLE GURU STYLE: The Button-Up Skirt

The runway is always an interest of Fashionista/o’s, but it’s rare that we ever get to wear what’s on them, or even know how. High fashion doesn’t normally fit into our day-to-day lives, and also may not be affordable. So, here’s how you take a common runway trend and make it yours.

In the resort 2016 collection by Lanvin, the common trend that I noticed was skirts, and in particular, skirts with buttons. The collection also included a lot of bold colors, and suede fabric. I chose to imitate the button-up skirt, not only because it’s an easy find, but also because it’s a perfect fall look!

On the runway, the skirt was accompanied by a red coat, green shirt and a chunky necklace. I chose to emulate this look by choosing a coat, shirt and necklace that more resembled me and my style—which doesn’t include color blocking. Instead, I chose to make the colors more in tune with each other, and flow with one another.

My outfit includes a corduroy dark red button-up skirt, that I paired with a white muscle T-shirt and a gold statement necklace. I added the dark green jacket to add a little more color, and make a more balanced look. My decision to add a hat brought all these colors together, while still keeping the outfit rather simple. I still had my runway inspiration, and wore my button-up skirt, but I made it more fitting for what makes me comfortable. It’s all about finding the right pieces!

Get My Look: 1. A button-up skirt. 2. A green jacket. 3. A white tank top. 4. A hat. 5. A statement necklace.