April 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

This month, I attempted to channel my inner tomboy through fashion. Luckily, my boyfriend has a great sense of style. I’ve definitely eyed a few pieces in his wardrobe before. Finally, I worked up the courage to ask to borrow a couple of button-downs “strictly for a CollegeFashionista post.” Let’s be real, I’m definitely going to wear the shirts I borrowed as much as I can until he notices.

I’ve been intrigued with masculine-femininity style lately. I love the harsh lines and simple garments that are mostly incorporated into menswear. If you pair the harsh lines of menswear with the flowy outlines of women’s then you have a contrasting match made in heaven. I looked to Paul & Joe’s ready-to-wear fall 2016 line for inspiration, where they layer button-downs under chunky blazers and sweaters. It’s apparent that most of the line looks to masculinity for its inspiration.

I saw many possible candidates as I skimmed through his closet one evening. I finally chose a grey patterned ASOS button-down to wear for this post because the color is versatile and I knew I could easily match it. It has a small, subtle star print on it. It’s adorable and definitely would add interest to any outfit. Especially if you mixed it with another print, like I did here. I paired the button down with these gray, flowy shorts with a bold print.

I was pondering my choices and then realized I should add at least some color, which is hard to do in my wardrobe because I love neutrals. Then I remembered, Paul & Joe’s ready-to-wear line layered chunky, oversized outerwear over their button-down styles. I tried to channel that the best I could with this olive green, army jacket. I threw on a pair of black and brown heels, some jewelry, a clutch and called it a day. I think the overall look turned out nicely!

Get My Look: 1. A men’s button-down. 2. A flowy skirt. 3. An oversized outerwear piece.