STYLE GURU STYLE: The Bigger Picture

Stepping out of my comfort zone can be fairly hard from time to time, so I have to step out and look at the bigger picture. I stick to my jeans, white T-shirt and pearls. Today, I took inspiration from the Tanya Taylor pre-fall 2016 collection. Taylor brought some street style into her flowery patterns, which caught my eye the moment I saw it. She combined a classic, very elegant style with stripes and skirts that made you reminisce to those summer days.

Taylor has the marvelous trait in where she can design her pieces thinking about the different types of women that will be using them, and how they can mix and match within the collection. I, being one of those women, mixed the street style of her collection with my own style.

There is something very versatile about collections like Taylor’s; you can take from the look what catches your attention and include pieces that define who you are, that define your style and that define your intentions with the outfit. My goal was to keep a little of my simple style into this chic collection.

My outfit includes a jean button-up tucked into a high-waisted A-line skirt. To add some of my own style, I added two silver statement necklace and silver-pointed faux leather loafers. Also, I braided my hair into two mermaid braids, which is a hairstyle that I adore.

Jean button-ups, patterned skirts and statement necklaces are never going to go out of style. Any of these items can be found in any store in this world, regardless of the season. This outfit made me feel classy and relaxed at the same time, which goes great with some brunch and mimosas!

Get My Look: 1. Any jean button-up. 2. A patterned A-line skirt. 3. Any statement necklace. 4. Any pointed faux leather loafers.