STYLE GURU STYLE: That Touch of Mink

Who could forget the day of the Fendi fall 2016 ready-to-wear fashion show, when Karl Lagerfeld quoted Voltaire and the world stopped breathing upon this sight? Iconic because of the supermodel, and mesmerizing because of the outfit. While duplicating a look from the fall 2016 show might seem a bit far fetched, the weather in early spring is actually so similar to the one in late fall, which is why I haven’t broken out all the pink skirts yet. It’s sunny out, but still cold; the days are just long enough, but still getting dark fairly early; we all have countless papers to hand in, but the end is nigh!

I drew inspiration from this look because of my own nostalgia that resurfaced after seeing the fur collar. I remember growing up in Asia, going to Japan and admiring all the sophisticated Japanese ladies wearing similar coats at the Tokyo airport and I remember wanting one for myself. They had tiny leather purses. They never touched their own luggage. They spoke French and talked about flying to Paris. Their pearl necklaces paired so exquisitely with their red lipstick. Even as a child, I couldn’t help but gasp at just how poised they were.

That’s the memory I’ve taken with me all this time, and it’s the memory I’ve eventually brought to life. I got my fur collar coat! I got my tiny leather purse! I even got some blue leather pumps to pay homage to Fendi’s look in particular. I still haven’t been to Paris, I still have to drag my own luggage up the airport stairs and I’m still seeking that ever so elusive pearl necklace, but I still remember everything.

One day, I’ll have a daughter and I’ll bring her to see Paris. I’ll speak French to her, and we’ll stop briefly in Tokyo. I’ll show her those ladies, who will still be there, still as sophisticated as they first were, still carrying their tiny leather purses, still going to Paris and still not handling their own suitcases. I’ll give my daughter a pearl necklace, a red lipstick and a fur collar coat, to remind her that elegance will never go out of style.

Get My Look: 1. Coat. 2. Knit sweater. 3. Blue pumps.