STYLE GURU STYLE: Take Me Out To The Ball Game

In Manish Arora’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear runway show every look is beautifully over the top. This designer definitely doesn’t live by the “less is more” motto and it works. From candy cotton pinks and blues to wild prints, each design is just as crazy amazing as the one preceding it. Manish Arora may have just turned into one of my favorite designers. Embellishments and sparkles with a hint of edge graced the runway perfectly. What caught my eye immediately about the collection was all of the printed baseball hats. A baseball hat is an accessory that I have wanted to rock for a while. Manish Arora inspired me to act on it. After I saw this collection, I immediately went out and bought a printed hat.

Buying my baseball cap has come at the perfect time. Spring has officially sprung this week! With temperatures in the 70’s it’s hard to not yearn for summer every second of the day. My favorite accessory for these beautiful spring days would have to be a hat. A hat adds so much to an ensemble and it will keep sun off of your face as you are walking to class. Functional, protective and chic? It has done the impossible. Not to mention, they are great when you are running a little late and didn’t have time to finish doing your hair. For me, my favorite style of hat is always changing. I was really into wearing a big floppy hat for a while. Lately, I am so obsessed with any printed baseball cap. Baseball caps make an ensemble look laid back and effortless, which is perfect for spring. A good printed one can take a simple outfit from boring to interesting as soon as you put it on your head. You don’t have to have slide into home base, hit a home run or even have picked up a baseball for that matter to wear one of these babies.

Manish Arora inspired me to try on a printed baseball cap with my ensemble this week. Although these runway looks are amazingly over the top, I chose to tone down my outfit and modify it for a day of class. I completed my look with a gray textured tank top, ripped high-waisted jeans, round sunnies, a crossbody bag and a pair of Nike sneakers. When getting inspiration from the runway, you don’t always have to take away every part of the ensemble a designer has created. Choose what you love about the look and what works for your lifestyle. The best part about fashion is that you get to make it your own.

Get My Look: 1. A printed baseball cap. 2. A ripped pair of jeans. 3. A perfect pair of sneakers.