STYLE GURU STYLE: Swing into Spring

With the spring season approaching comes warmer weather, outdoor activities, lots of sunshine, and one of my favorite pastimes—baseball games! Who doesn’t love a sunny spring day filled with peanuts, refreshing beverages, a wonderful ambiance, and, of course, the view of some pretty attractive MLB players? I know I do.

Going to a baseball game with friends or family is something out of the ordinary and different to do that will not hurt your wallet too badly. However, when you attend a baseball game, usually everyone in attendance is dressed very casually and laid-back. For me, that is typically never an option. I decided to come up with a look that was both casual and comfy, yet “effortless.”

The first necessity to recreate my look is a baseball cap of your favorite team. I then decided to base the rest of the outfit off of the cap so that it stands out. Since my cap is blue I wanted to make sure that the rest of this ensemble was pretty neutral without being boring. For those of you Yeezy fans, I’m sure you have seen his collection with the distressed-looking shirts. The holes in the shirt add a little bit more personality to the average plain white shirt. As for the bottom half, I paired black ripped skinny jeans with snakeskin booties to give the outfit a little more flavor and pattern. I chose to keep the jewelry very simplistic since this outfit was put together for a day out or baseball game. To make up for the lack of jewelry, I added my double buckle belt, which is super in style at the moment.

Many of the pieces that I wore for this occasion are items that you can find in your own closet without having to buy anything new. I tried to make the outfit as basic as I could with adding specific pieces, such as the shoes and the belt, to make it more of my style and trendy.

This ensemble is one of my favorites because it can be easily dressed up or dressed down. I would wear this for many occasions including hanging out with friends, walking around downtown, going to a sporting event, or even a concert. I definitely got some inspiration from Kendall Jenner for this look. I tried to embody her typical “model off duty” look while making it my own.