If you keep up with the fashion trends frequently, then you would know that suede is hitting it big this year. I personally adopted this trend instantaneously because I am a sucker for anything soft. My style will never consist of anything that is itchy or uncomfortable. Who would want to wear something that causes you to want to take it off immediately? Not me! I am without a doubt that person that touches everything in the store—no shame.

With that being said, the outfit I created contains three suede garments: my boots, skirt, and jacket. All of which are extremely soft and comfortable. I realize that a major trend in shoes is over-the-knee boots but when you are 5’1” and have a longer torso than legs, it’s just not going to happen. My alternative for people with short legs like me is knee-high boots! They are still super cute and super suede so it gets the job done and done well I might add. My skirt is a mini skirt and has two layers of fringe adding a little bit of fun and continuing the suede theme. This jacket is a favorite item from my closet. I know the moto jacket is really popular in fashion right now but for some reason leather is not comfortable to me. It can be very restricting and feels cold on my skin, so it’s not my favorite. However, I love the edgy style it portrays so I began a search for something similar but more comfortable. I stumbled upon this jacket and fell in love. If you couldn’t guess already, it is made of suede so it’s soft and non-restricting and still gives off the edgy look I was wanting. Something I love about this jacket is its versatility. You can keep it casual and wear it for a day look or fancy it up for a night out on the town. I added some tights to this look because of the weather being on the colder side.

This style I created would be a great fit for a night out. I added the hat for a pop of color and to make the outfit more of a daytime look. I tend to gravitate towards anything and everything black. You could easily play around with more colors—specifically lighter colors.

I hope you enjoyed reading and got some inspiration to create your own super suede outfit!

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