In Western Pennsylvania, it is finally starting to feel like spring, and it’s never felt better! I am so excited to break out all of my cute sundresses, patterned shorts, and sandals. The spring semester is coming to a close, and now is the time to wear all of your cute outfits around campus. In my opinion, one of the biggest trends for this upcoming summer season is off-the-shoulder tops. I don’t know about you, but I already bought myself about five of these. They are so stylish and look flattering on all shapes and sizes. No matter where I shop, off-the-shoulder tops are being sold. Whenever I’m not sure what to wear, these tops are my go-to. They are such an easy way to put together a cute outfit. Whether you feel like wearing some ripped jeans, like me, or putting on your favorite pair of shorts, off-the-shoulder tops look great!

As for accessories, I like to keep it simple. I added a black choker necklace to add a subtle touch to the look. A long, chained necklace would also be a great piece to put with this outfit. I wanted to look a little more chic than casual, so I wore my lace-up flats, which are also a big trend these days. They are very stylish and look good with essentially every outfit. If I wanted to be a little more comfortable, I would put on a pair of Vans or Adidas sneakers instead. What’s great about this outfit is that everything is very versatile. You can dress it up, or keep it casual if you’d like.

I’m absolutely loving the warmer weather, and can definitely say I am ready to showcase all the cute spring and summer clothes I’ve recently purchased.